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About me

Hi, i’m Leander and i love how travel inspires me and many other explorers around the world. Here i share my adventures and how they impact me. Hopefully you get a little inspiration to go and explore yourself in your own unique way.

Being born with a double nationality Belgain-Chilean brought me into contact with quite different cultures from a young age. Subconsciously, I think this left me with some awareness of the diversity in our world. We often consider things to be impossible because we are used to one reality, and that narrower view is exactly what travel can help breaking. Seeing new places and getting in touch with different cultures shows you other realities and how they differ starkly from what you’re used to. In my opinion, this broadens your perspectives on life, makes you see new possibilities and turns you into a better and happier version of yourself.

I think there are many more ways to broaden perspectives and open your mind than only travel. Also, not every form of travel will impact you as much as others. But for me travel has been a great tool for it and has inspired me in many ways.

Oh, and aside the whole inspiring side of things, travel is also just fun isn’t it? Keep it light-hearted, exploring shouldn’t be boring. See you out there!