Let’s cut the crap

“Stop bullshitting yourself man! You’ve always known what you’ve wanted! Heck, you’ve told many people already. Stop making silly excuses out of fear of discomfort! Don’t you see how damn clear it is? Just f*cking decide already!” My mind was at real turning point. My volunteering experience was taking it’s effect, and to be honest, […]

Getting emotional

So how was your AISEC project in Maceió Leander? Well, pretty difficult to be honest. It’s not that I felt unsafe or unwelcome at the NGO I was working at, even culture shock wasn’t too bad. But for the majority of the project I felt quite unfulfilled. I found it incredibly hard to teach or […]

Breaking stereotypes

Oh yeah Brasil! The country of eternal sunshine, tropical beaches, caipirinhas, carnaval, football and warm, self-confident, beautiful dark-tinted women. Well… these stereotypes are by far not all you’ll find here, and you definitely wont find it always and everywhere you go. But, snow in Brazil? Yeah in various places during the winter. Cities where 90% […]